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10 Best Video Transfer Service Reviews in 2022 [Expert Picks]


The idea of transferring your old home movies or family memories to a modern device is exciting. It's going to be worth the transfer and the money spent, right? Maybe not. With so many potential video conversion services out there, it can be hard to find the best one for you at a price that feels right. Thankfully, we've done the work for you! Here are 10 of our favorite video conversion services, with their pros and cons and our expert opinions on what makes them stand out from the rest.


Best video transfer service reviews: A complete buying guide

There are several different things that people want from a video transfer service. You may be considering your options for transferring home videos to DVD or Blu-ray after recording them on a computer, or you might need to transfer videos from old VHS tapes. The following reviews will help you make the best decision possible, regardless of what you need.

What is video transfer service reviews?

Video transfer service reviews are used to compare different companies' services and the quality of the transfers that they offer. They can be helpful for people who want to share any type of video with others, such as family members and colleagues. Video transfer service reviews can also be useful for people looking to purchase a new device or media player.

Why should you buy a good video transfer service reviews?

Video transfer services are becoming more and more popular in the past ten years, and you need to make sure that you get one. When it comes to videos, you might have saved them on a device or a computer. You might have even tried sending them to your family and friends via email, but those types of videos often wear out with time. Video transfer services allow you to keep your memories alive when they're still new and fresh without wearing out over time.

What is the best kind of video transfer service reviews?

Video transfer services are a great way to preserve your memories and share them with those who love you. They can be extremely helpful in saving money by transferring videos from old tapes and VHS tapes. There are many different types of video transfer service reviews, including the file size, cost, quality, ease of use, and how good the customer service is. The best type of review would be one that goes into detail about all the important factors so that people can make an educated decision on what they want to do when it comes to their video transfer process.

10 Best Video Transfer Service Reviews in 2022 [Expert Picks]

1. Video Tape Transfer Service, Digitization to MP4 (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, Digital8, 8mm, MiniDV, Beta, Audio) – New Customer Offer -Video Converters

By Lotus Media

Have old videos of your family or friends that you would like to have digitized? You can now! Our Video Tape Transfer Service will take care of digitizing your footage and sending you an MP4 file in just 10 business days. We’ll include a bubble mailer, order form, and comprehensive directions on how to send-in your tape for processing. All tape formats are accepted: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Video-8, Hi-8, Digital-8, MiniDV, even Beta! The resolution is 640×480 pixels with all regions NTSC (North America), SECAM (Europe), and PAL (Australia/New Zealand). Plus we’ll cover the digitization of up to 2 hours of video footage + 30 days of cloud delivery via Google Drive. And if that’s not enough freebies–receive complimentary recycling of the media when you order!

2. VIDBOX Video Conversion for PC -Video Converters


VIDBOX is the perfect device to convert your old VHS, Beta, 8mm or camcorder tapes and convert them to DVD or other digital formats. Just connect VIDBOX to your TV and input your cassette tape(s), LP record(s) or video files. You can also capture audio from your cassettes and LP records for conversion into WMA files or audio CDs. The included installation software will guide you through the simple steps of setup. Once you’re up and running, share your videos with friends and family on Facebook and YouTube – it’s that easy!

3. Facebook Portal – Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa – Black -Video Converters

By Meta Portal

Facebook Portal lets you easily video call with friends and family, even if they don’t have Portal. With Smart Camera, it automatically pans and zooms to keep everyone in frame, so you can catch up hands-free. Hear and be heard with Smart Sound that enhances your voice while minimizing unwanted background noise. Experience even more together with Messenger Rooms that let up to 50 people join or host a group call. Become some of your children’s favorite storybook characters as you read along to well-loved tales with music, animation and immersive AR effects. Listen to your favorite music and streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora, display your photos from Instagram and Facebook, broadcast with Facebook Live, and more – all without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Work smarter from home with Zoom and Workplace from Facebook: Connect with co-workers even if they’re remote; see what they’re seeing on their screens; chat live; file documents side by side; get insights into performance; access work files anytime, anywhere across devices – all without having to leave the office! See everything better than ever before using Alexa Built-in: Control smart home devices like lights, fans and thermostats; listen to music from Pandora, Spotify, iHeart

4. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus | VHS, Hi8, V8 Video to DVD or Digital Converter | Amazon Exclusive 2 Bonus DVDs [Windows] -Software

By Roxio

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus is the perfect tool for preserving your home movies from your old camcorder or VCR. This easy-to-use converter captures analog video directly from your device and burns to a DVD for easy viewing or conversion to popular digital formats for sharing across devices. You can also make quick edits, enhance color, add transitions, reduce noise and stabilize old footage for a more polished look. And with creative, customizable DVD menu templates and disc labels, you can finish your project perfectly.

5. Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame with WiFi (W10F) – Black – Share Photos and Videos Instantly via Email or App -Video Converters

By Nixplay

The Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame lets you share photos and videos with family and friends in ways never before possible. With the trusted design of a 2.5 million customer favorite, this smart frame can be used as a wall mount or tabletop model, letting you easily position your content for the best viewing experience. The wide range of languages available on the frame’s user interface makes it easy for grandparents to send photos and video clips directly to their living rooms, privately – wherever they are! With niX-SenseMe technology that wakes up the frame when you’re in the room and sleeps it when you’re not, your photos will always be up-to-date no matter where in the world you are. As if that wasn’t enough, our family focused software allows you to create fun playlists that everyone can contribute to celebrate and relive memorable events like weddings, graduations, birthdays and holidays. For added security and privacy, your Nixplay photo stream is stored on encrypted servers located in the cloud. Finally – make sure this fits by entering your model number below!

6. Seltureone 16ft /5m Replacement Oculus Air Link Cable Compatible for Oculus Meta Quest 2, 5Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 1 3A High Transfering Data Speed with USB-C to USB-A Adapter for PC (Improved the Connector) -Industrial & Scientific

By Seltureone

Seltureone 16ft /5m Replacement Oculus Air Link Cable Compatible for Oculus Meta Quest 2, 5Gbps USB 3.2 Gen 1 3A High Transfering Data Speed with USB-C to USB-A Adapter for PC (Improved the Connector) is a high quality and fast data transfer cable that works perfectly with Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. The 5Gbps max data transfering speed ensures you’re getting the most out of your VR experiences. With spiral shielding doubling as grounding, you can be sure your connection is robust and consistent no matter where you are in relation to the cable.

7. Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD | Video Capture Device + Video Editing Software [PC Disc] -Video Converters

By Pinnacle

Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is the perfect way to preserve your treasured home video memories. This capture device and software lets you transfer your videos to DVD or other digital formats for easy viewing and sharing. You can also capture video from VHS, Hi8, and V8 cameras and other sources, including Xbox, PlayStation, and even DVD players. With its integrated tools, titles, and transitions, creating polished movies has never been easier. Plus, with its advanced output options you can upload your videos directly to the web or mobile devices hassle-free. So make sure your computer is up-to-date with the latest Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder HD software before capturing those all-important memories!

8. Smart Reusable Notebook Misdic Book Eco-Friendly Journal Erasable Hardbound Blank Flip Notebook Paper Sketching or Doodling(8.5×11) -Office Products

By Kiyubeie

MisdicBook Eco-Friendly Journal is perfect for doodling, writing, record-keeping, and making to-do lists. The 150gsm reusable paper is tough enough to handle everyday use with a smooth-touch finish and durable usage. You can write down the text you want to write down in the notebook and save it with the App, and then use wiping clean with an erasable pen tip, or hot hair drier. But only works for erasable pens! With the help of the apps we provide, you can scan and store important information you write in your notebook on your phone.

9. WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive HDD, USB 3.0, Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox – WDBWLG0100HBK-NESN -Subjects

By Western Digital

The WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive HDD is perfect for adding extra storage to your computer. With its high capacity, this hard drive can store a lot of your files and photos, making it the ideal solution for filling up space quickly. Plus, with fast data transfers and plug-and-play compatibility, you’ll be able to get your work done quickly and easily.

10. KODAK Slide N SCAN Film and Slide Scanner with Large 5” LCD Screen, Convert Color & B&W Negatives & Slides 35mm, 126, 110 Film Negatives & Slides to High Resolution 22MP JPEG Digital Photos -Subjects


The KODAK Slide Scanner is perfect for preserving your old photo memories. With 14MP resolution and 22MP digital files, you can easily view, edit, and convert your old color and black-and-white negatives and slides to high resolution JPEG digital photos. The 5” LCD display with gallery mode makes it easy to preview and edit photos with a wide viewing angle. The convenient easy-load film inserts let you quickly feed the film into the scanner without having to remove the photos from the frames. Editing with a single touch is simple using capture software that enhances, resizes, and converts photos with great results – even on older slides or negatives. Super chic design blends seamlessly with your home décor.

Buyer's Guide

10 Video Transfer Services Reviewed

The 10 video transfer services reviewed are: 1. Uploader VHS to DVD 2. Video Converter by Guru3D 3. EZ Digital Media 4. Home Video Plus 5. Goodnight and Goodluck 6. Are You for Real? 7. TransferMagic Plus 8. Video-Transfer-Service/Video to DVD Transfer Service 9. VHS To DVD Mastering Services - A Team of Professionals, Quality & Safety is Our Priority! 10. Video Transfer Services

5 Key Factors to Consider Before Making a Choice

Before choosing a video transfer service, it is necessary to understand the five key factors that should be considered. The first factor is cost. Video transfer services can range in price but are typically quite affordable. It is important to compare prices before making a decision. The second factor is speed. Some video transfer services may take longer than others so it is important to take this into consideration when looking for a service. The third factor is reliability and customer service. A video transfer service will last much longer if they have stellar customer service and reliable transfers. Finally, it's important to look at the quality of the videos after transferring them to ensure they are transferred properly and look great on their new channel or TV show or movie.

3 FAQs About Video Transfers

What is a Video Transfer Service?

A video transfer service is a company that provides video to various formats for the purpose of storage, transmission, or viewing. These services usually provide high-quality transfers from VHS tapes and DVDs to digital media. Services can also convert videos to make their content more accessible on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other streaming services.

How to Find the Best Video Transfer Services

The best video transfer services in 2022 can be difficult to find. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right service and these factors vary depending on the type of video that you want to transfer. The most important factor is the features offered by the company. The company should have a website with customer service and product information, a listing of how many videos they can transfer in a day, and the cost for their services. Also, the company should provide a wide range of file formats because some people want their content in different formats for different purposes. They should also offer an app so that customers can easily upload their videos with ease.

Getting Started with Video Transfers

The easiest way to transfer your videos from one device to the other is by using a service like Google Drive. However, there are some services that offer better value for money and these are offered by Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google Play Music, and others. The most important thing to consider when choosing a video transfer service provider is the type of file they allow you to upload. Some providers will only accept certain types of files like MP4 so it is best to keep this in mind beforehand.

The Benefits of Video Transfers

Transferring your video files is easy with the help of a transfer service. A transfer service can transfer your old files onto new devices, or even onto a larger size hard drive. Transfer services also provide better quality and are convenient for people who want to share their videos with family members, friends, or colleagues. To find out more about the benefits of transferring your content before its time runs out, contact one of these top 10 best video transfer service reviews in 2022 from Expert Picks.

FAQs About Video Transfers

With the advent of new technologies and innovations, video transfer is becoming easier. We have made emailing videos to our friends and family members a reality by using services like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video Messenger, etc. However, before you send your home movies to any service provider make sure you address some important questions. What are their requirements? How much will it cost me? What kind of quality can I expect? Here are ten FAQs that will help you find out more about video transfers!

What is a video transfer service?

A video transfer service is a company that transfers old VHS tapes to DVDs or digital formats. Other services can also transfer from analog formats to digital like VHS to DVD, or from analog formats to VHS tapes. The best services will allow for instant streaming so you do not have a long wait time, and the company should be able to answer any questions about their services.

Video transfer services in 2018

Video transfer services are a vital resource that people need when they want to save precious memories and store them in a digital format. There are many service providers who offer this service nowadays, but not all of them are able to provide an excellent video transfer quality. To make things easier for you and your loved ones, we have done the research and provided a list of our top 10 favorite video transfer services in 2022.

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