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10 Best Sanding Block For Auto Body in 2022 [Expert Picks]


As you know, sanding is one of the most important steps in the painting and auto body repair process because it allows you to remove paint efficiently with a minimum of time and effort. With that said, sanding blocks are essential tools in this process. But which one should you pick? If you're looking for the best sanding block out there, check out our list of the top ten here!


Best sanding block for auto body: A complete buying guide

In order for your car to be repaired, it must first be sanded down. Most people would use the sanding block that came with their tool kit, but there are other options. The best sanding block for auto body is a good choice because it will allow you to get the job done faster and more effectively. Some of the features that a good sanding block should have are a long-throw lever or crank handles, rounded edges, and an easy-to-carry design.

What is sanding block for auto body?

A sanding block is a piece of hardwood that is used to sand different areas of automobile body. The blocks have a width that ranges from 3/4-inch to 2-inch and are typically about 1-inch thick. You can also find blocks with different lengths which may match the size of an auto body panel. The objective of using these blocks is to remove small amounts of paint from a vehicle's surface so that you can reveal the original color beneath it.

Why should you buy a good sanding block for auto body?

There are many reasons for purchasing a sanding block for auto body. First, it is important to buy a quality sanding block because using the wrong type of sandpaper can quickly damage your car's paint job. Second, in order to get the best performance out of your new sandpaper or piece of equipment, you will want to purchase a good brand. Third, should you purchase an abrasive paper or an aluminum oxide such as silicon carbide? In buying either type of paper and/or aluminum oxide, it is important that you make sure that you have the right tool in order to take care of them.

What is the best kind of sanding block for auto body?

When it comes to sanding, there are many different types of sanding blocks. The two most common types are palm and finger sanding block. Palm blocks are generally bigger and are used when using a handheld sander. They also offer a larger surface area for the application of pressure. Fingers blocks are smaller in size, but require more pressure because they have a lot more surface area applied per stroke. These blocks are typically used with a stationary sander such as a random orbital sander or compound sander.

10 Best Sanding Block For Auto Body in 2022 [Expert Picks]

4. Dura-Block AF4400 Black Standard Sanding Block -Sanding Blocks

By Dura-Block

The Dura-Block AF4400 Black Standard Sanding Block is the perfect tool for your body work needs. It conforms to any work surface and follows curves or flat surfaces, making it a versatile choice for professional carpenters, mechanics, welders, and others who need a dependable sanding block. This 3/4″ height x 1.375″ width x 11″ length block can handle up to 9″ x 11″ of paper completely – no waste!

5. Dura-Block AF44A Black 6-Piece Sanding Block Set -Sanding Blocks

By Dura-Block

The Dura-Block AF44A Black 6-Piece Sanding Block Set is everything you need to get the job done. With six blocks in total, this set includes one saw horse, four sandpaper sheets, and one dust cloth. The saw horse can be used as a base for your workbench and features a comfortable grip for stability. Additionally, the sandpaper sheets are designed to provide precise cutting and the dust cloth helps keep your workspace clean.

6. 3M Wetordry Sponge Pad 20, 05526, 5 1/2 x 2-3/4 in x 3/8 in -Sanding Blocks

By 3M

The 3M Wetordry Sponge Pad is designed for use with abrasive sheets to clean and finish surfaces. The soft material supports the abrasives for consistent and controlled results, while the durable pads hold up during wet or dry sanding. The sponge pad can be used on either side for easier sanding, and will last longer than traditional paper towels. It’s ideal for industrial/occupational use only, but not for consumer sale or use.

7. Dura-Block AF4405 Black Scruff Pad -Automotive

By Dura-Block

The Dura-Block AF4405 Black Scruff Pad is a great way to protect your car’s paint job and keep your dog from leaving scruff marks. This pad uses 2-3/4″ width PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) Paper in cut lengths or rolls or 9″ x 11″ sheets cut to size. The 5/8″ height x 2-1/2″ width x 5-3/8″ length makes it simple to apply and remove, no residue left behind.

8. 8 Piece 13 Profile Flexible Contour Sanding Grip Set with 3 Different Flexible Foam Pads and 5 Profile Grips for Convex and Concave Sanding Perfect for Woodworkers, Automotive, Home, Arts and Crafts -Tools & Home Improvement

By Peachtree Woodworking Supply

With this 8 piece 13 profile flexible contour sanding grip set, you’ll be able to sand contours, curves, profiles and other areas that are typically hard to get at. No more saving small pieces of plastic, wood or even cardboard – this set of contour grips and flat sanding pads is designed specifically to get into those hard to reach areas. All you have to do is cut your paper to size and instead of folding it to get that tough spot wrap it around one of the contoured grips! Its that simple and easy. Ideal for woodworkers, finishing, automotive refinishing, marine body work, arts crafts or wherever you need to get into tight spots. This package includes 3 Contour Pads: 5-1/2 inches x 2-3/4 inches and 7/16″, 7/32″,and 5/32 inch thick; 5 Grips with 1 inch wide convex side and 4 radius contours (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″); The opposite end of the contoured grips even have micro profiles for tighter areas such as flat tight radii knife edges wedges and more

9. Dura-Block Sanding Block Holder Pad – 5.6in Ultra-Flex Scruff Pad Fit Wet Dry Sandpaper and Scuff Pads for Auto and Wood -Tools & Home Improvement

By Dura-Block

The Dura-Block Sanding Block Holder Pad is designed to evenly sand curves and corners in woodworking, automotive, and drywall projects. With a 0.6-inch (1.5cm) thickness, this flat scouring pad grip easily contoured wood panels or curved drywall without digging into the surface. The 5.6 x 2.6-inch (14.3 x 6.7cm) drywall sanding block gives you optimal control of your pressure while the adhesive allows you to adhere paper or sandpaper onto the pad for even more versatility when removing different types of material from surfaces.- Made with 20 PCF (pounds per cubic feet) density, this car paint scuff pad will last longer than other similar products on the market.- Keep your hands safe when sanding by using this handy tool with wet and dry sandpaper; Easily remove thick chunks of filler or smooth out wood projects

10. Karebac 99451 Flex-Block Sanding Block for PSA Abrasives -Tools & Home Improvement

By Karebac

Karebac 99451 Flex-Block Sanding Block is the perfect tool for a smooth, precision finish on all sorts of projects. Made with flexible vinyl face, this sanding block can handle delicate surfaces like wood and glass with ease. The 2-3/4″ PSA longboard sheets and 2-3/4″ “sticky back” rolls are easy to stick on and remove without any pain, making it an ideal choice for jobs like painting and refinishing. With its wide variety of applications, you’re sure to find the perfect use for Karebac 99451 Flex-Block Sanding Block.

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