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10 Best Generator Transfer Switch in 2022 [Expert Picks]


There are many reasons you might need to find the best Generator Transfer Switch in 2022. Perhaps you're looking for an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly solution to your power needs or are considering a new home and want to be sure it is going to be up to the task. If that's the case, read on and learn how this credible list of generator transfer switches can help you make an informed decision.


Best generator transfer switch: A complete buying guide

A generator transfer switch is a must-have for those who use their generators more often. It's important to have this device installed if you don't want to run your generator for too long because it can run out of fuel or break down. However, many people don't know what the best generator transfer switch is because there are so many options that can be confusing. To make things easier, we put together a comprehensive buying guide with reviews of some of the most popular and highly rated devices on the market.

What is generator transfer switch?

Generator transfer switch is an electrical device that turns off power to one electric system when the power from another electric system is needed. A generator or electric motor in a home can run the entire home, but it may not provide enough power for the refrigerator. In this case, the simplest solution is a transfer switch. It monitors the output of one source and automatically switches to the other if needed.

Why should you buy a good generator transfer switch?

The generator transfer switch is a device that is connected to the generator and allow the user to run appliances such as TVs, computers, and other power hungry appliances when power outages occur. In order to run these devices, you need a good generator transfer switch. A bad generator transfer switch will cause power outages and make your life miserable. The best way for you to avoid this unfortunate event is by investing in a good generator transfer switch.

What is the best kind of generator transfer switch?

Generators are used by some people in the event of a power outage. These generators can sometimes be hazardous if left unattended or not properly shut off. One way to prevent this is by using a generator transfer switch. The generator transfer switch is installed on the breaker panel and it prevents electrical current from flowing to the generator when the main power source is restored. When you need to use your generator, you simply flip on the transfer switch and it will turn back on only when there is electricity at this point in time.

10 Best Generator Transfer Switch in 2022 [Expert Picks]

1. Connecticut Electric EGS107501G2KIT EmerGen EGS107501G2 Manual Transfer Switch Kit 30 Amp, 10-Circuit, 7500 Watts, For Portable Generator -Tools & Home Improvement

By Connecticut Electric

The Emergen EGS107501G2KIT Manual Transfer Switch Kit is perfect for use with your portable generator. With easy-to-follow instructions, this unit is incredibly easy to install and allows for 240 volt circuits, making it perfect for well or water sump pump applications. If one of the installed 2 pole circuits are not needed, the tie bar can be removed to allow for 2 single pole circuits. The designed enclosures of the power inlet and transfer switches to be used either indoors or outdoors have a NEMA 3R rainproof rating allowing the kit to be installed wherever is convenient for you and your home.

2. A510C Pro/Tran2 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch -Electrical Boxes

By Reliance Controls

The A510C Pro/Tran2 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch is a must have for any home. This switch allows you to control up to 10 circuits from one location, making it an invaluable tool for safety and convenience. With its easy-to-read LCD screen, this transfer switch is simple to use and perfect for your home’s wiring needs.

3. Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit,Gray -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Reliance Controls

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit is the perfect solution for any home or commercial application that requires reliable and fast installation of a generator transfer switch. With a maximum single-pole circuit of 10 and maximum double-pole circuits of 5, this kit can handle up to 7,500 watts. The convenient 18-inch flexible conduit whip attaches easily to the load center, making it easy to connect your generators without having to remove walls or ceilings. Plus, the rugged powder-coated steel cabinet ensures years of trouble-free use.

4. 310C Pro/Tran2 30-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch -Electrical Boxes

By Reliance Controls

310C Pro/Tran2 30-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch is a necessary part of any home theater or entertainment system. This switch allows you to easily change the source of your audio and video without having to go behind the TV or rearrange cords every time you want to watch something new. 310C Pro/Tran2 also features a manual transfer switch, making it easier for people with limited mobility to use their home theater or entertainment system.

5. Reliance Controls Corporation 31406CRK 30 Amp 6-circuit Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit for Generators (7500 Watts).,Gray -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Reliance Controls

Reliance Controls Corporation 31406CRK 30 Amp 6-circuit Pro/Tran Transfer Switch Kit for Generators (7500 Watts).,Gray is the perfect solution for reliable power transfer between generators and your home. This kit features a 30 amp 6-circuit pro/trans transfer switch that allows you to safely connect up to six generators (up to 7500 watts each) to one outlet. The easy-to-use cord management system keeps cords tidy and out of the way, while the heavy duty steel construction ensures long lasting use.

6. 306C Pro/Tran 30-Amp 6-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch -Electrical Boxes

By Reliance Controls

306C Pro/Tran 30-Amp 6-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch is perfect for any home or office. This manual transfer switch provides an easy way to move your power from one circuit to another, making it ideal for use in areas with a lot of switches and outlets. 306C Pro/Trans features a durable construction and includes a full manufacturer warranty.

7. EZ Generator Switch – Generator Manual Transfer Switch Universal UL/CSA Approved -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By EZ Generator Switch

The EZ Generator Switch is a must have for anyone with a generator. This switch allows you to easily and safely transfer essential loads such as heat, lights, refrigeration, inverters, and sump pumps from your generator to whatever outlet you desire. This switch is UL & CSA approved/compliant so it’s user friendly and will fit any standard extension cord. You’ll never have to worry about backfeeding or touching existing circuit breakers again!

8. 510C Pro/Tran2 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch with Watt Meters -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Reliance Control Corporation

The 510C Pro/Tran2 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch with Watt Meters lets you easily and safely move your electrical loads from one circuit to another. The watt meters let you monitor the power usage of each device connected to the transfer switch, so you can make sure everything is running at its correct wattage.

9. Reliance Controls 306CRK Pro/Tran-2 6 Circuit Transfer Switch Kit -Electrical Boxes

By Reliance Controls

Reliance Controls 306CRK Pro/Tran-2 6 Circuit Transfer Switch Kit is the perfect way to ensure that your home and essential appliances are still operational during a power outage. This transfer switch kit contains all of the necessary components to allow up to 6 single pole or one 2 pole & 4 single pole circuits to be safely powered by a portable generator during a power outage. With this transfer switch kit installed adjacent to your existing load center, there is no need for you to worry about wiring it yourself – it’s complete with pre-wired connections. Plus, our generators can accommodate output up to 7500W continuous.

10. Generac 6854 Home Link Upgradeable 30 Amp Transfer Switch Kit with 10′ Cord and Aluminum Power Inlet Box -Patio, Lawn & Garden

By Generac

The Generac 6854 Home Link Transfer Switch is perfect for use with a home standby generator. It can be easily upgraded to support a generator up to 11 kW and features power indicator lights that let you know when you have utility power or generator power. This safe switch prevents dangerous back-feeding, preventing injury to line workers. It also powers hard-wired circuits directly, allowing you to safely and easily power your furnace, well pump, and other appliances. Additionally, the easy-to-maintain type circuit breakers make it easy to reconfigure or replace the circuits in your switch as needed.

Buyer's Guide

What is a Generator Transfer Switch?

A generator transfer switch is a device that helps to connect the electrical power source of an individual generator with the home's main service. The device is usually located on the first floor of a home and consists of a panel with several outlets in which a generator can be plugged in to. When installed correctly, the transfer switch prevents overloaded circuits from causing voltage spikes. It also ensures that power doesn't go out while one or more generators are operating.

Types of generation transfer switches

There are 3 types of generation transfer switches mentioned in the article. There is a transfer switch that is designed to be used with single phase generators, a transfer switch that can accommodate both single phase generators as well as three phase generators, and finally there are two-phase transfer switches. The first type, a single phase switch, is similar to any other power outlet in your home. You would plug your generator into it and your house will still have power if the generator fails. The other types require you to purchase an adapter before you connect the generator to the switch.

Pros and Cons of a Generator Transfer Switch

A generator transfer switch is a device that controls the power to your home. It must be connected to your generator in order to operate your appliances and power your home. There are generally two types of transfer switches: manual and automatic. Automatic devices have the ability to recognize when the generator is running and has power, so they will only engage when it's needed. Manual transfer switches require you to manually switch from one source of electricity (the generator) to another (the grid).

How to Find the Best Generator Transfer Switch for Your Needs?

To find the best generator transfer switch, you have to look at your home and make sure that it's in need of a device that can help you. This advice is given by many experts such as Grant Cardone and Dave Ramsey. They both say that having an expert come out to your home to assess its needs would be the best way to find one. A lot of generators transfer switches are portable, so they can quickly be used anywhere in your home.

Top 10 Best Generators Transfer Switches

The generator transfer switch is a switch that allows one generator to be connected to another. Most commonly it is used so that the power from an alternator can be transferred to a battery bank. It also allows for the use of different types of generators, such as gas generators, diesel generators, and more. The best generator transfer switch will have the capacity to handle your needs and will allow you to easily connect or disconnect your equipment without interrupting any other components.

Generator Transfer Switch

A factor that can affect the performance of generators is the weather. When it's cloudy and there's a chance of rain, one has to be more careful about what they are doing as some generators may not work because water can seep in. A generator transfer switch is an excellent product to help people with their generator-related problem so it is no wonder that this product has been ranked number 10 out of the top 10 best products.

10 Best Generator Transfer Switches

Generator transfer switches have a lot of benefits for the generator and entire home. They help prevent the power from being interrupted by automatically switching to backup power or when there is a system fault that might cause power loss. Varying transfer switches are available for homes to use including solar powered, battery powered, automatic, and manual.

Buying Guides

A generator transfer switch is a device that is designed to protect electrical devices from power surges, power fluctuations, and power outages. A generator can be connected directly to a given electrical outlet, but when the device isn't in use it can be turned off. This is usually done by shutting down the connection via a switch on the side of the generator. When this switch is shut off, electricity coming from the outlet is blocked by an electromagnet inside of the generator's housing. This enables any unused outlets on the side of the generator to remain powered on as long as there are enough generated power coming into that outlet to keep it running constantly.

Types of Generators

There are three types of generators that you can use when it comes to transferring power from your generator to your house. The first type is the standard transfer switch. This is a device that works on small- and medium-sized homes, which has been installed at the utility connection point at the home's service panel. A second type of generator would be the subpanel transfer switch. This device is usually attached at a location near the utility connection end of the main service panel and connects to load centers inside or outside of the home. The third type of generator is called a branch circuit panel transfer switch, which connects electric loads to a main service panel in two separate locations within their electric distribution system.

When to switch from natural gas to diesel generators

When the power goes out, it's nice knowing that you have a backup plan. If you don't have a generator, consider buying one that connects with your natural gas line. This will allow you to quickly switch back and forth between your generator and the natural gas line, so you're not stuck without electricity in case of an emergency. Alternatively, diesel generators are now more popular than natural gas. They offer more power, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.